To Make Him Fall In Love with You, Do This

It was only a few years ago when I’ve almost decided to give up on men. I was so sick of the “bad boys”, the players and the guys who just won’t commit.

make him fall in love

I’ve learned the hard way that getting a guy to “love” you just isn’t ENOUGH.


Because guys CHEAT on women they love.

Guys BREAK the heart of women they really do “love”, every single day.

I know you can feel it deep in your bones. You deserve a man to REALLY commit to you. Seduce you. Chase you. Be addicted to you and happily give you everything because he is thrilled that you are his girl.

And you want all that – without begging, pleading and crying.

Are You Not Good Enough?

I’ve been through some unbelievably painful times in my relationships, where I wasn’t sure we’d make it, times when I cried myself to sleep every night, or kept myself emotionally cold and distant so things wouldn’t hurt so bad.

And to win back the relationship of my dreams, to make a guy fall in love with me truly, I had to do some research, and get some serious help.

I had to dig, and dig hard for the not-so-obvious answers and hard-to-find information and THEN I had to do the difficult work of taking a look at what I needed to change in myself, and in the way I interacted with men.

(And I wish I knew this stuff I’m going to share with you sooner)

Undeniable Truth #1


If you want a man to commit to you, chase you and keep the spark going forever, getting him to “love” you is NOT enough.

You have to make him addicted to you, obsessed with you until he decides (completely on his own) that he wants to be serious.

Make sure you understand this: just because a man “feels” that he is in love with you, doesn’t mean that he will really commit to you and only you.

I don’t know if you’ve heard about Mike Fiore. He is a well-known relationships expert who’s been featured on TIME Magazine and the Rachel Ray Show.

[yellowbox]In this video he shares his personal story about how his girlfriend made him chase her, seduce her and basically beg her to be his (and how he couldn’t be happier that she did).[/yellowbox]

If you want to know how to truly capture you man’s heart, I suggest you watch that video now.

Undeniable Truth #2


Only 1 in a 1000 women knows the real truth about how men think and what they need from a woman for them to be able to give everything to her.

Most of us fall for the usual “just be yourself” nonsense only to find ourselves alone (again).

The truth is that you DON’T have to change yourself to make him fall in love.

You do have to change the way you interact with men. Because men are different from women, and your man is not like you.

He doesn’t think like you do, and the stuff that’s important to you is not the stuff that’s important to him.

That’s an undeniable truth.

The sooner you accept it, the better. The sooner you’ll learn (from a good source!!) about the powerful assets every women naturally has to get and keep her man – the better.

I learned a lot from Mike Fiore, simply by learning how his girlfriend make him fall hard for her, even though he was “playing the field” and thought he’d never settle down.

(Without ultimatums, pleading, crying and playing games).

In fact, it only takes 3 simple steps  to make a man truly obsessed with you so he’d do anything to keep you in his arms.

How to Make Him Fall In Love With You

And here they are:

1. Make him realize you don’t NEED him.

2. Plant a “Future seed” in his mind”.

3. Make it HIS idea to pursue you, want you and make YOU commit.

But…how? why? where?

The answers are HERE, waiting for you.

Rooting for ya,



These steps work even if you have lost the man of your dreams because he has left you. And they work no matter how long you’ve been apart (unless he is married or something).


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  1. I coach alot of singles that are stuck and want a happy and healthy relationship. Good article. I’ll post it on my facebook page that refers to your page. I totally agree with a lot of this.