The Foolproof Plan to Escaping the Friend Zone (Be His Girlfriend!)

escaping the friend zone

If relationships were a city, the friend zone would be the neighborhood you’d want to avoid.

Do you think that once You’re in the friend zone – you can’t get out? That you’re always be one of the “buddies”or “one of the guys”?

I know. All you want is for him to wake up already and realize, on his own, that you are the only woman that he adores and wants. That he has everything he needs right under his nose.

The Hidden Advantage of the Friend Zone


friend zone

While a woman can have a guy best friend without ever being attracted to him, it doesn’t work the same with guys.

I’ve got news for you ladies: Every single one of your heterosexual guy friends has thought, “Lisa is so cool! We should press our lips against each other’s!”

I’m no Victoria Secret model, but every single guy friend I ever had  – was secretly attracted to me and even secretly in love with me (sometimes I only found out years later).

The forgotten advantage of being in the friend zone is simply that fact that you are already his friend.

Which means he already likes you. And feels close to you. And shares his life struggles with you. And all guys are attracted to a women they like.

This is what goes on in their mind: “Lisa is caring. Lisa is sweet. Lisa listens to me. Lisa is pretty. Why am I not kissing pretty Lisa?”

Escaping the Friend Zone (by Using it to Your Advantage)

For a woman, escaping the friend zone is easier that you can imagine. Think about this: Who has more chance of winning your friends’ heart – his friend who he knows and likes (you) or a strange girl he knows nothing about?

Now that you understand the advantage of the friend zone, learn how to escape it and become his girlfriend – quicker than you can spell girlfriend.

Step #1 – No More Beck and Call

One of the problems of being his friend is that you are being taken for granted, and that is not very attractive to guys. Since you have a crush on him, you don’t realize that you’re always available to him.

He wants to hang out? You’re out the door in 3 minutes.

He wants to talk? You drop everything you do and listen.

While this is natural when you have feelings for a guy, this is turning him off, plus he has no chance of missing you (so he can realize how much he loves being with you!).

Step #1 is to slow things down. Do not blow up his phone to hang out or talk and the next time he wants to hang out tell him you have plans (and really make plans!).

Don’t answer his texts immediately, wait a few hours. And if he asks if something is wrong, reassure him that you’re just a little busy. Give him a chance to miss you. This is critical!

Step #2 – Close the Open Book

Keeping a hint of mystery is important when it comes to guys and relationships. It allows them to fantasize, wonder about what you are doing, who you are with and generally – just think of you.

Stop sharing every single thing you do and think with him. When he asks about what you did last night just give him basic details, without specifics. Let him know, in a casual manner, that you have a life.

Other friends, other people are interested in you. You are not at his beck and call. By doing this you’ll become ten times more appealing and more appreciated.

Unfortunately, this is still how guys think and  still what makes them tick. They need a good chase.

Step #3 – Get the Message Through

Telling him directly that you like him and see him more than a friend is a huge no-no! (It may feel awkward and may scare him off!), but you can use the power of flirting to get the message through.

You don’t have to be a flirting expert and don’t do anything that may make you feel silly. For example, “accidental” touching always works. Bumping into him, putting a hand on his shoulder and giving him an honest compliment will do the job.

Let him feel that you are important to you. Not by being clingy or pushy, but by looking in his eyes when he shares something with you.

By listening to him. By giving him a long hug and a big smile when you see him. When you are with other friends, show him that he is your favorite. Go over and talk to him. Avoid flirting with other guys.

The Last Critical Step

If you take all of these steps, I can almost guarantee you’re 80% out of the friend zone. The ball is now in his court. He knows you like him (more than a friend).

He knows your value (because he has a chance to miss you and see that you have a life).

He knows you’re not just one of the guys. You are so much more. But this will NOT guarantee that he falls in love with you head over heels. That’s a different story.

If you want to know the simple ways to make a guy fall completely in love with you and totally obsessed with you – you’ll have to learn how men think and what they really want.

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I always recommend this excellent advice from Michael Fiore and I’ve received many thanks for it over the last few months. I want you to have access to it too.

Throw your fears and doubts away. Before he starts focusing on other women, escape the friend zone and get in the girlfriend zone…now.

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Rooting for ya,


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