Your Boyfriend Wants SPACE: Is He Breaking Up With You?

It’s one of the most hurtful 3 words a woman in love can hear.

Until a second ago everything was fine. You spent every minute together. You shared a life. He told you that he loves you and wants only you.

boyfriend wants space

And suddenly the “I want space” bomb drops on your head. What does it mean when your boyfriend wants space? What went wrong? Is it something you did or something you said?

Does he REALLY just wants some time alone or is he trying to break up with you?

The Excuses

Guys seem to get very creative when they make up excuses for “needing space”. Here are some of the most common excuses:

  • “I’m stressed by my work /my life /my financial situation”
  • “It’s my first serious relationship”
  • “I need time to think about our relationship”
  • “I’m going through a lot of changes in my life”

First thing you have to understand is that these are just excuses. When your boyfriend asks for space, what he really wants is to love you MORE.

Men are wired differently than women. While women tend to fall in love with a man because they are spending time with him… men actually cement their growing feelings for you in the space between spending time with you.

That old “absence makes the heart grow fonder” cliche holds some truth!

Exactly What to Do When Your Boyfriend Wants Space

If you want to save your relationship (and make it better than it ever was), It’s critical that you give him what he is asking for – Right now.

Do not call him, do not text him, do not try to “accidentally” bump into him. Do not cry and get hysterical as if he has just broken up with you.

Your actions will determine if this will be a temporary alone-time or a real breakup!

This is What Happens When You Give Him Space

He will not see you or hear from you for a few days.

His mind begins to wander to you. He might wonder what you’re doing, or wonder how your day is going.

He might even wonder who you’re with right now and a bit (or a lot) jealous that you may be with someone else.

He has the opportunity to reflect and really RECOGNIZE his feeling for you.

He starts to think of the last time he hung out with you, how much fun he had, how much he loves your laugh. And suddenly this weird thing happens… he really starts to…MISS YOU.

If you don’t give him space, this whole positive outcome will not happen. He will think you are needy and clingy and this will push him further away until he eventually breaks up with you – For good.

I know it’s hard. I know it’s scary. I know it’s heart breaking. But you have to give him the space he wants to get back a man who loves MORE than ever.

How to Get Your Boyfriend’s Total Devotion and Commitment

Learning exactly how to really win a man’s love, devotion and commitment is the only way to prevent another “I need space” type of bomb from falling on your head again.

T.W Jackson, a best-selling author and a friend, has put together a video explaining exactly that.

You’ll find out about the “magic traffic signals” and how they can win any man’s total devotion and enthusiastic commitment for you and your future together (Without chasing him or losing your dignity).

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Rooting for ya,



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  1. My boyfriend wants space from me — and I gave him that. The problem is that, he still does calls me, texts me messages like the usual messages during the times when we’re still together? How do I deal with that? Should I reply to his messages? Should I answer his calls? Feeling confused here.

  2. I would say that you shouldn’t completely ignore him, but tone it down to half the effort you used to give before he wanted space. Answer half his texts and half his calls and make sure to hint that you are talking and seeing other people (not dating, just “seeing”, be blurry about this).
    He needs to know that your life is just fine and that you are not sitting and waiting for him.