Why Men Pull Away – Is He Losing Interest In You?

It’s painful when he pulls away after the first date, and never calls you.  It’s more painful when you’ve dated a few times and he stops calling.  And it’s sheer agony, when you’ve been with a him for ages and he still doesn’t seem to commit to your relationship.

Why men pull away? Does he like someone else? Is he losing interest in you?


Why Men Pull Away – The Possible Causes

No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship with him, it’s pure agony to be in love with someone and feel him pulling away more and more every day. Fear is taking over and you start to think that:

  • Completely losing interest in you and your relationship
  • You are not “good enough” for him
  • You are not capable of satisfying him and giving him what he needs
  • He met someone else or still has feelings for an ex girlfriend or wife
  • I did something to upset him

 What ever you do, I beg you to NOT approach him with these assumptions. First because he will probably fumble his eyes and say “What?? What are you talking about??” Second, it will only make him pull away further.

 How Do You Find Out Why He Is Slipping Away From You?

You have to understand that your intuitions may have NOTHING to do with the reality. You see, what’s intuitive to us women, can be completely foreign to men. Over the years I’ve realized that most men CAN’T explain what’s going on inside of them very well…and most women don’t understand what to do with a man who won’t open up.

The solution is to find a man who CAN explain why men pull away. And I have found two of them: T.W Jackson, author of the best seller “The Magic of Making Up” (and happily married for 16 years now), and Jonathan Green, THE master of being single, A guy who has approached and talked to over 35,000 women and sees dating as a SCIENCE.

(If you are in a hurry – Skip straight to their video – To see why your man is pulling away)

 This is What They Shared With me:

 Men rarely pull away because they lose interest in you. I’ll say it again: If your man seems to be drifting away from you, it doesn’t mean that he has lost interest in you, or that he doesn’t care about you anymore.

 I know it sounds strange, but a man can be deeply in love with you and still pull away, and even break up with you. Sometimed men pull away for some weird reasons, reasons that women find it hard to understand. T.W calls these reasons “The 4 Masculine Hero Avatar Principles“.

Once you understand these principles, it becomes simple to know EXACTLY what to do when he DOES pull away. Once you realize that he is not pulling away because he is less interested, you’ll avoid over compensating thus making him pull away even further. Does that make sense?

 T.W explains these reasons in a fun way, using what he calls “the magic traffic signals”. You can learn why men pull away, how to get a man to go “green” about your relationship and give you the love and commitment that you deserve.  You can see this video – Right Here.

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