How to Get Him to Propose (And Figure Out What’s Holding Him Back!)

By Lisa Redfield

You have invested your heart and soul in your guy and in your relationship. You’ve been together for a while, sometimes a LONG time and everything is going great. He loves you, you have so much fun together and you are soul mates.

But the marriage proposal that you day-dream about – Is not coming.

how to get him to propose What’s missing? Why can’t he give you the complete commitment and devotion that you deserve? How to get him to propose?

How to Get Him to Propose

You don’t want to become pushy. You don’t want to “drag” him to the altar. You don’t want to give him an ultimatum; you are intelligent enough to know these things will push him away from you.

You want him to be as enthusiastic about getting married – As you are.

So…What Could Be Holding Him Back?

For us women, it’s extremely hard to understand men. They think completely differently than us. And they don’t make it easier, either because they find it hard to explain what’s going on in their head, or because they just don’t want to.

In my many years of researching and interrogating dozens of men, I’ve come to learn a few undeniable truths about men. Tragically, these truths are very hard for women to accept. And by “accept” I mean REALLY ACCEPT. To realize this is how they are “built” and there’s no use trying to change it.

These are some of the truths I’ve discovered:

1. No man likes to be pushed, manipulated or even hinted in any way – To get him to propose. It’s not that men fear commitment. But even if you don’t like it (and I don’t…), men want to be in control of this decision. They like to feel powerful and they need to know that they and only they are in charge of making life changing decisions.

2. If he really wants to marry you, nothing will stop him. Forget about the excuses and lies you’ve told by others (or by yourself). Men will not delay a marriage proposal because of money problems (unemployment, low income, whatever) or because his ex girlfriend or wife is still stalking him.

He won’t avoid proposing because “he is happy with his life just the way it is”, or because he is a commitment phobic, or “not ready for this responsibility”. These are all lame excuses that guys, or your girlfriend will feed you with, but it’s not the truth.

3. Love is not enough. I know, it sounds outrageous, but even “true love” is not enough for a man to pop the question. This is strongly related with my claim that nothing will stop him if he really wants to marry you. There are a few things men feel they must have before they get married.

The first and most important thing is their ability to trust you. What does trusting you mean? It means knowing that you have his back. That you will be supportive of his life decision and not try to change who he really is.

This is one of the most difficult things for a woman to understand. We always want to improve. Improve ourselves, improve the world and improve our spouse as well. But when it concerns your guy, it’s a deadly mistake.

There is an easy and practical way to stop wasting your precious time and gain his total devotion and enthusiastic commitment to You and Your Future Together.

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