How to get a man to marry you – Without Committing Relationship Suicide

At some point the waiting becomes unbearable. You are in love, you’ve found that one you want to spend the rest of your life with, but he shows no sign of an impending proposal.

You’ve dropped every hint possible, left bridal magazines open in the bathroom, told your mutual friends you really want that ring, but it’s still not happening.

how to get a man to marry you

How to get a man to marry you?

It hurts everyday. Are you not good enough to get a marriage proposal? Is he just waiting for someone better to come along? Is he a commitment phobic? How to get a man to marry you?

Desperation Leads to This Common (and fatal) Mistake

The waiting game drives desperation. And desperation leads to THREATS. When it comes to women who so badly want to be engaged to their boyfriend, ultimatums are a commonplace. The waiting game drives desperation (especially if she has been waiting for more than a year o can’t stand it anymore, so you decide it’s time to drop the “U bomb” – The Engagement ultimatum.

Why Giving an Ultimatum is Committing Relationship Suicide

It’s especially hard if you’ve spent more than 2 years with him and still no sign for a ring. You don’t want to scare him into marrying you; you want him to CRAVE marrying you – Out of love and not out of fear. But you still consider an ultimatum because you feel you have nothing to lose anymore. But WAIT.

Ultimatum is just a fancy word for “threat”.  You should know that this kind of pressure and “all or nothing” attitude will most likely result in a painful (and humiliating) BREAKUP. The only way you can use this “strategy” is if you are ready face the consequences. You best be prepared to pack your bags and leave if he comes back with a “No” response. Staying with him after he says “never” is not a possibility.

How Does an Ultimatum Really Make Him FEEL?

Simply put, it makes him feel like a caged animal. No one likes to be pushed into a corner and threatened. And don’t fool yourself and think that this empowers you in any way. The moment you give an ultimatum, no matter how justified you think you are, you’re handing over your power in the relationship. Now you have to sit in the corner, bite your nails and wait for him about your worth to him.

The Will and Kate Example – Did Kate Use an Ultimatum?

As you probably know, “Waitie Katie”, the duchess of Cambridge, waited 7 years (!!) for a marriage proposal from William. I would bet serious money that Kate DIDN’T give William an ultimatum. Being the smart and savvy woman that she is, she knew better than to put herself in this situation.

But What Can I Do? I can’t wait anymore!

Here’s a much better way to get a man to marry you WITHOUT using threats and dangerous ultimatums. Listen to this video carefully and you’ll see why this is such good advice – Right Here.

I hope I was able to “catch” you on time, before you brought the heavy artillery into your relationship and make this common mistake.

Rooting for ya,


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