Does He Like You? (20 Signs That He’s Really Into You)

“He helps me out when ever I need him, but he never asked me out. Does he like me?”

“He accidentally touches me and he asks me a ton of questions about my life. Does he like me or just being friendly?”

“We are best friends but sometimes I think he’s flirting with me. Does he like me?”


does he like you

It’s so confusing these days.

Guys give out conflicted messages and you can never tell if they are just players, just being friendly, or maybe just treating you exactly like they treat other women.

You want to know right now if he likes you – without asking him directly. But how on earth can you tell?

I Thought these signs will help you clear the fog in your head and help you finally find out if he’s really into you – or not.

Does He Like You? Look for at least 5 of These Signs

1. He’ll remember things about you, and ask you questions about your job/life/hobbies.

2. He doesn’t leave the party before you do.

3. He makes sure to sit next to you at dinner or at a group movie outing.

4. He invites you to hang out, and doesn’t invite his guy friends to come along.

5. He finds random excuses to email or text you.

6. He’ll compliment your hair, dress, jokes, smile — anything he can think of.

7. He’ll randomly pick up the check when you’re out together.

8. He’ll text you during the day, and not just at 2 am.

9. He makes sure to be nice to your friends.

10. He’ll casually touch you on the arm when he’s talking to you.

11. He makes sure to get your number.

12. He makes eye-contact from the other side of the room and smiles at you.

13. He tells you that random things (a song, something he saw on TV or read) made him think of you.

14. He makes up a nickname for you.

15. He goes out of his way to see that movie or listen to that song you mentioned the last time you guys hung out, and makes sure to tell you.

16. He shows up to whatever you invite him to – party, event, casual hangout.

17. He will make up a reason to need your advice, in order to have an excuse to talk to you.

18. He says your name a lot in conversation.

19. He asks your friends about you.

20. He kisses you on the cheek when he says goodbye.

How Many Signs Have You Found?

I really hope I’ve made you happy and you found a few signs that he really likes you. Does it mean you have to make a move on him? I don’t think so (but that’s just my opinion).

He’s obviously into you but if he hasn’t made a move and hasn’t made it perfectly clear that he likes you, or would like to make your relationship official, or just take it to the next level – he has his reasons.

But, if you want to learn how to “help” him fall in love with you – Here’s how to do it!

Rooting for ya,



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