Breakup Signs (7 Signs That You’re About to Get Dumped)

You’ve found Mr. Right, you share a life, a bed or even a child, but every relationship has its ups and downs and even the wisest women can fail to see a breakup coming.

How can you tell if your guy is about to call the whole thing off? And how to prevent that?

breakup signs

The 7  Most Common Breakup Signs

1. The Slow Fade Exit Strategy

Most guys don’t like to be a “bad guy” and break up with you directly. They don’t like the guilt that comes along with it, so they try to fade out gradually, hoping for a “mutual breakup”.

Is your boyfriend slowly reducing contact? Is he not calling or texting as much as he used to? These are signs that he could be pulling away from you.

If your relationship is new, he is hoping that you’ll understand the hint. If you are together longer, he hopes that you will get pissed at him. Both of these promote a “mutual breakup”.

2. The “I’m Busy” Strategy

This is another version of the slow fade exit strategy. He starts giving you elaborate and complicated reasons for why he’s going to be too busy to see you in the next week.

He’ll have an excuse for every moment of his free time: a doctor’s appointment, big meeting at work, helping his mom do the dishes.

If he tries to reschedule, it’s a good sign that he is really busy, but if there’s no alternate meeting in sight – he may be planning to bail.

3. I have a Headache

When a guy starts refusing sex, or even stops initiating, it’s a big red flag. If he says he’s too tired, don’t believe him. Most men are never that tired.

4. His Tooth Brush Disappears

If your guy’s toothbrush – or other stuff that he used to leave at our house – disappears – he may be planning to disappear with it. Guys get very attached to their old underwear and don’t want to take a chance on losing them in case of a breakup.

5. His Friends Act Weird around You

When a guy plans a big dump, he will usually let his friends know about it way before you do. It’s cruel, but it’s true. If his friends seem distant, act weird and seem uncomfortable around you, they may know something that you don’t.

6. You Can’t Seem to do Anything Right

In a miserable effort to avoid a direct breakup, guys will do anything to make you feel that you initiate the split.

Suddenly nothing you do is right, your hair is all wrong, the way you cook, the way you walk, the way you pronounce “hello” – are all reasons for a big fight. He hopes you’ll get sick of it and pull the trigger yourself.

7. Wind of Change

When all of a sudden he starts talking about major life changes, and you are not included in them, he’s probably about to bail. Is he planning a big career change? Moving to another country? Starting a Yoga Course in Thailand?

If he’s not inviting you to come with him, the breakup is near.

How to Prevent the Breakup

I’m not saying this will make sense to you, but a man can break up with you EVEN if he is still very much in love with you.

If you found these signs in your relationship, and you think you’re about to get dumped, hold the tears.

And for the love of god, please don’t talk to him about it. It will only push him away further.

There are simple yet powerful ways to stop the one you love from leaving you.

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  1. Thanks. My relationship is luckily nothing like this. But I will definitely keep it in mind.. XD