How to Make Him Regret Leaving You (& Beg to Get Back With You)

make him regret leaving you

I know the feeling of waking up every morning and being completely overwhelmed by heartache and depression. I know that feeling of rejection and anger. I know about all the questions the run through your head while you're lying in your bed, trying to work or attempting to get through the … [Read more...]

10 Deadly Dating Mistakes Women Make (Guaranteed to Turn Him Off)

dating mistakes women make

- I thought things were going great. Why did he disappear? - The more I try to get close to him, the more distant and cold he becomes. - Why didn't he call? I thought we had the most romantic night. - Where is he? He used to text and call me all the time, but suddenly he stopped. - Why do I always … [Read more...]

12 Perfect Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

birthday gift ideas for boyfriend

When it comes to a birthday gift for your boyfriend, you want it to be perfect. You want it to be meaningful and unique. You want it to show him how much you love him, how well you know him. You want him to be thrilled, and for you to be the reason for it. Not the easiest task, is … [Read more...]

How to Turn a Hard Core Player into a Stayer (In 3 Simple Steps)

change a player

What is a "Player" Anyway? 1. A guy who is skilled at manipulating ("playing") others, and especially at seducing women by pretending to care about them, when in reality they are only interested in sex. 2. A guy who doesn't understand the meaning of relationship 3. A guy who often "dates" … [Read more...]

5 Brutally Honest Signs Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Love You (Anymore)

signs your boyfriend doesn't love you

Do you feel like your boyfriend's love is fading away? You probably have a gut feeling that something is off, but denial is so much easier and so is ignoring obvious signs that your boyfriend doesn't love you, right? Obviously, denial doesn't last. As much as you try to ignore it, deep … [Read more...]

My Fool Proof Plan to Escaping the Friend Zone (Be His Girlfriend!)

escape the friend zone

If relationships were a city, the friend zone would be the neighborhood you'd want to avoid. I don't agree with that. Do you think that once You're in the friend zone – You can't get out? That you're always be one of the "buddies"or "one of the guys"? I know. All you want is for him to wake … [Read more...]

20 Surefire Signs That Your Ex (Secretly) Wants You Back


Are you confused because your ex keeps sending you mixed messages? He calls, and then disappears. He says he is over you, but keeps in touch with your family. And that makes getting over him and mending your broken heart a million times harder. Inside you feel that there's something going on. … [Read more...]

Why Men Pull Away After Intimacy (And How to Make Him Regret It!)


We had an amazing night together. It was intimate, passionate and it felt SO GOOD to be together. The connection was obvious. The sparks were there. So why? Why do men pull away after intimacy? The heart and soul-opening intimacy we shared made me suddenly realize that I have real feelings for … [Read more...]